Programme 2017

This is where we're going to be dancing this season, but keep checking as sessions may change and new venues will be added. If it's raining we'll probably be in the pub rather than outside it! Click on the name for details of the venue.

Scroll down to see notes on the dances we will be performing this season.

Sunday 23rd April (St Georges Day) Hundon- with Belchamp Morris 11.30am
Monday1st May Colchester, East Bergholt, Flatford- with Bows & Belles All Day
Wednesday 3rd May The Griffin Inn, Yoxford 7.45pm
Wednesday 10th May Huntingfield Arms, Huntingfield (nr Halesworth) 7.45pm
Wednesday 17th May Fox Inn, Darsham (nr Saxmundham) 7.45pm
Wednesday 24th May The Parrot and Punchbowl, Aldringham 7.45pm
Monday 29th May (Bank Holiday) Layer Marney Tower (nr Colchester)
Wednesday 31st May No dance out
Wednesday 7th June Poachers Pocket, Carlton, nr Saxmundham 7.45pm
Wednesday 14th June White Horse, Sweffling (nr Framlingham) 
With Pretty Grim
Wednesday 28th June Plough & Sail, Snape Maltings 7.45pm
Saturday 1st July Laxfield Market 10.30am
Wednesday 5th July The Lord Nelson, Southwold 7.45pm
Wednesday 12th July The Cross Keys, Aldeburgh 7.45pm
Wednesday 19th July The Laxfield Low House- with Rumburgh Morris, Hoxon Hundred & Big Jigs 7.30pm
Wednesday 26th July The Bear & Bells, Beccles 8pm
Sunday 22nd October Cressing Temple Gardens- Apple Day (nr Braintree) 
From 11am
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Dances for this season 

North-west morris is based on processional dances with a dance leader and eight or twelve dancers – the leader calls the figures which are generally geometric shapes. A dance consists of a repeated chorus ('step-up') separated by five or six figures and a dance-off to end.  Steps tend to be march, polka or single step.

  • Rivington (Horwich Prize Medal Dance)
    Danced with slings. An elegant dance with an easy step-up and mostly polka'd. Slings either whirling or on shoulders
  • Broadside
    A good dance notable for the skip in the step-up. Danced with ribbon sticks.
  • Gisburn
    Danced with ribbon sticks to a jig, with an exuberant 'swing-down' figure near the end.
  • Horbury Rushcart
    A fine dance with a great tune- look out for the unusual starting position with men and women alternating positions down the set -those on the 'wrong' side are 'improper'. (Come to think of it, so are some of those on the right side....). A mix of polka and single step, with a couple of appearances of the Royton step. A bit energetic, this one!
  • St Helen's
    Also has a memorable tune, unusually in a minor mode. This dance has been a favourite for a number of years and features the 'Royton' step towards the end when the dancers form a St George's cross, first facing up and then down the set. Plain sticks.
  • Colne
    Performed with slings. A graceful dance, in single step
  • Hindley Circle
    A great favourite, often danced with 12 and one of two circle dances this year. Look out for clashing sticks in the step-up and the scramble to end up still in a circle at the end!
  • Spitfire
    A popular dance notable for the unusual shape of the set which denotes the wings and fuselage of a Spitfire! Danced with traditional wooden bobbins. The step is mostly polka'd. With thanks to John Hakeman of Knockhundred Shuttles who devised the dance.
  • Milnrow
    A fun dance, using wavers, often danced with 12. Works well as a processional dance. It ends in a flourish with some double-time polka-ing to 'Rule Britannia'
  • Clitheroe
    A perennial favourite. Everyone starts by going smartly backwards in the step-up, and listen out for the 'cast' figure where there is a big shout every time the next couple gets to the top of the set and pushes the rest backwards
  • Carr Lodge
    Sometimes performed as a mass dance when with other morris sides, usually causing some hilarity as the other side invariably dances to a different tune and with the figures in a different order- this only becoming apparent as the dance is in progress. Cue end of session and a dash to the nearest bar

Public dances- "resistance is futile"

  • Grenoside
    Very elegant and easy country dance ending with a snaking figure to get everyone in a big circle. Not at all energetic, suitable for all! 
  • Hindley Street Dance
    Easy figures, with the final chain figure usually causing much hilarity, and started off with a rendition of Nelly the Elephant in an inappropriate key

Dancing St Helens