Programme 2019

This is where we're going to be dancing this season, but keep checking as sessions may change and new venues will be added. If it's raining we'll probably be in the pub rather than outside it! Click on the name for details of the venue.

Scroll down to see notes on the dances we will be performing this season.

Date Time Where

Sun 5th May


The White Horse Westleton

Wed 15th May


The Fox Inn Darsham

Sun 19th May

Broads Tour
1.00pm Lion at Thurne
5.00pm Potter Heigham Quay (Herbert Woods)
6.30pm Fisherman's Return, Winterton-On-Sea
Wed 22nd  May 7.45pm The Royal Oak Laxfield

Wed 5thJune


The Poacher's Pocket Carlton, Saxmundham

Wed 12thJune


The Lord Nelson Southwold

Wed 26thJune


The Sweffling White Horse (tbc)

Sun 30thJune

All day

Leigh on Sea Festival

Wed 17thJuly


The Low House Laxfield

Weekend 19thJuly

All day

White Horse Edwardstone (nr Sudbury)

16th - 18th August

All day

Folk East Festival, Glemham Hall

Sat 14th Sept

All day

Norwich- Golden Star 40th Anniversary

Dances for this season 

North-West morris dances are often processional, with a ‘set’ of eight or twelve dancers arranged in two lines, and called by the Dance Leader. A dance consists of a repeated chorus ('step-up') and four or five figures, with a dance-off to end. The figures are generally geometric patterns such as ‘star’ and ‘crossover’. Steps tend to be march, polka or single step. Some examples below:

  • Gisburn
    Danced with ribbon sticks to a jig, with an exuberant 'swing-down' figure near the end, followed by a mad dash off (to the bar probably).
  • Horbury Rushcart
    A fine dance with a great tune- look out for the unusual starting position with men and women alternating positions down the set -those on the 'wrong' side are 'improper'. (Come to think of it, so are some of those on the right side....). A mix of polka and single step, with a couple of appearances of the Royton step. A bit energetic, this one!
  • Humphreys’ Hooley
    Unusual in that it is a circle dance. Written by dance leader Jill in memory of dancer and all-round fine chap John Humphreys.
  • Preston Royal
    A jolly tune and a jolly dance with a recurring ‘short corners’ figure.
  • Broadside
    Returning to the repertoire for this year. A scissor-kick in the step up, followed by the first figure, helpfully named 'first figure', and some interesting geometrical arrangements to follow. The music tends to run out by the time we reach the dance off.
  • Marsden
    New this year. Quite an energetic dance with little respite, lots of polka-ing and flicking of ribbon sticks
  • Spitfire
    A popular dance notable for the unusual shape of the set which denotes the wings and fuselage of a Spitfire. Danced with traditional wooden bobbins. The step is mostly polka'd. With thanks to John Hakeman of Knockhundred Shuttles who devised the dance.
  • St Helens
    Returning for this year. A good dance with a striking tune in the minor mode. An energetic thrusting forward of sticks in the step up, a varied selection of figures including 'Royton' where we are in a St George's cross type arrangement, facing up the set then down dancing the Royton step.
  • Hindley Circle
    Also returning this season a perennial favourite, one of two circle dances. Clashing sticks in the step-up. Mad scramble to end up still in a circle at the end.
  • Carr Lodge Polka
    Not a regular this season, but occasionally performed as a mass dance when with other N-W morris sides. Often the cause of some hilarity as the other side invariably dances to a different tune and with the figures in a different order, with different names- this only becoming apparent as the dance is in progress. Cue end of session and a dash to the nearest bar.

Public dances: "resistance is futile"

  • Grenoside
    Elegant and very easy country dance ending with a snaking figure to get everyone in a big circle. Not at all energetic, suitable for all! 
  • Hindley Street Dance
    Easy figures, with the final chain figure usually causing much hilarity, and started off with a rendition of Nelly the Elephant in an inappropriate key

Dancing Gisburn