The Brigg Blogg... 2020

...or some of the things we have been up to recently

March 2020 - Coronavirus Hooley

Strange times but we have bowed to the inevitable and temporarily hung up the clogs. Kit day is on hold, St George's Day will go unmarked, and hazy evenings outside a good hostelry with a frothing pint of warm ale in hand are a distant dream. But we are not downhearted- I feel sure there is a lot of buffing-up of clogs, hat flower rearranging, and private practice of 'Grain's Bar' happening even as I tap this. So as Arnie memorably put it (although probably not in connection to Morris dancing), we'll be back...

New Year's Day- Snape Maltings

Welcome to 2020! No howling gale to contend with this time (see previous year's blog, boxing day), and we had a full session in the good company of Danegeld and Pretty Grim. A varied repertoire of dances including Horbury Rushcart- well remembered, everyone- and an outing for Grenoside. Also a joint Carr Lodge with Danegeld performed at high speed, with the usual fun and games and crossed wires which resulted in us doing zip while they all went off to the pub,  or whatever they call that figure... Well danced all, very jolly!





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