The Brigg Blogg 2022

(or some of the things we have been up to recently)

Jan 2022: Meal and session at the White Horse, Rendham

A very good meal in great company, followed by some songs and tunes from our talented musicians. Thanks to the White Horse for hosting.

New Year's Day- Snape Maltings / Plough & Sail

Welcome to 2022! Two years to the day since our last dance-out (since Boxing Day 2021 was a washout), and it felt really good to be back again and meeting old friends. The weather was great- sunny and warm, lots of people around, beer flowing in the Plough & Sail, and some pretty good dancing, considering. Very good to be with Pretty Grim and Danegeld again- it was fun to join in with PG's communal dance, and to attempt a joint Carr Lodge with Danegeld (with, surprisingly, the same level of success joint dances usually have...)

Well done to all, and looking forward to a more normal and successful season this year!

Whitby (probably...)
Fine arrangement of musicians
Janet getting into the swing
Hindley Circle
PG have bigger sticks...
You Tube video link

Some very fine dancing!!