The Brigg Blogg 2022

(or some of the things we have been up to recently)

March 2022: Demo to the WI

A demonstration session that was much appreciated, thank you for your hospitality!.

Jan 2022: Meal and session at the White Horse, Rendham

A very good meal in great company, followed by some songs and tunes from our talented musicians. Thanks to the White Horse for hosting.

New Year's Day- Snape Maltings / Plough & Sail

Welcome to 2022! Two years to the day since our last dance-out (since Boxing Day 2021 was a washout), and it felt really good to be back again and meeting old friends. The weather was great- sunny and warm, lots of people around, beer flowing in the Plough & Sail, and some pretty good dancing, considering. Very good to be with Pretty Grim and Danegeld again- it was fun to join in with PG's communal dance, and to attempt a joint Carr Lodge with Danegeld (with, surprisingly, the same level of success joint dances usually have...)

Well done to all, and looking forward to a more normal and successful season this year!

You Tube video link: some very fine dancing!!