The Brigg Blogg... 2015 season

...or some of the things we have been up to recently 

 21st-23rd August 2015

A really enjoyable weekend and a great way to round off the season. There was a really good atmosphere, great music and food, lots of people around and perfect weather, on the Saturday at least. The number of sides there and the limited timings for the dance spots meant we didn't actually do many dances but what we lacked in quantity we made up for in quality! The outdoor stage was perfect for North-West dancing, I'm convinced there were speakers underneath amplifying the clomp of the clogs. Check out the video below- fantastic stuff!

On the Sunday we walked down to Little Glemham and did a spot with PG at the Lion Inn. A small but enthusiastic audience and some welcome sandwiches and chips after (PG whipped in pretty quick for their second helping of chips- it was every man for himself). After that the rain set in which meant we had to cancel the final spot back on the Festival stage which was a shame, but no-one's spirits were dampened as the weekend as a whole was a lot of fun.

I'll put in my request now to do it again next year.....!

29th July- Kings Head, Yoxford

Back to home territory for the final dance-out of the season. Looking forward to Folk East in the middle of August

22nd July- Laxfield, with Hoxon Hundred

The penultimate dance-out of the season and a jolly affair it was with a large turn-out from Hoxon and a good spread of dances.

15th July- Bear & Bells, Beccles

A pleasant -and warm- evening's dance, a good turn-out from Briggers with a mix of locals and tourists watching. The very wide pavement here gives a lot of room for dancing, which makes a change.

What made this occasion particularly notable was the fact it was Sue and Mike's last regular dance-out, as they are soon to head South to pastures new. Sue and Mike have been Barley Brigg stalwarts for a number of years and they will be hugely missed, and the occasion was appropriately marked by three cheers and the presentation of a picture signed on the back by everyone. Best of luck to you both in your new home!

8th July Darsham Fox

Another lovely pub where we are well looked after- super sandwiches and quiche afterwards, thank you to the Landlord and Lady! Shame about the weather- there were a few storm clouds threatening and although we missed the rain it meant we had an average sized audience of roughly 1 for most of the time, however I am sure there were many inside the pub looking on through the windows. It was a good session though, and included an excellent rendition of 'Humphreys' Hooley'- hurrah!

4th-5th July- Lobster Potty Festival Sheringham

Those who were camping had to brave the mother of all lightning and thunder storms on the Friday night, however they emerged unscathed and the Saturday was beautiful and really hot. As usual this was a really good day's dancing although the heat meant the precision starting tailing off significantly as we got into the afternoon, and the biggest issue for everyone was simply keeping hydrated. Unfortunately Ade had wrecked his knee so wasn't there but Maureen and Jill coped manfully with the musical demands (with some 'Rule Britannia' vocals from me in Milne Row which I thought were quite good). With loads of holiday makers around and friendly locals the Potty festival always has a great atmosphere, and this year was no exception. 

Grenoside in the heat of Lifeboat Plain- I think there was one person who wasn't a Morris Dancer in it,
she's the one in the funny hat.....

Lesley's birthday cake- there wasn't much left once it was cut into 20 slices

24th June- Sweffling White Horse, with Pretty Grim

This is such a great pub! Not normally open mid-week but there was a huge audience anyway, who enjoyed some spirited dancing from both sides (not sure how PG's sticks survived the battering they were getting). Some rather good sausage rolls at the end too, thank-you Marie and Mark and congrats on the well deserved CAMRA East Suffolk Pub of the Year.

13th June- Huntingfield Magna Carta celebration

A lovely event unfortunately hit by the usual scourge of English village weekend events (apparently it had also rained 800 years previously when the Baron was setting out on his travels to Runnymede- not sure how anyone knew that..) so the start was delayed while we worked out the wet weather procedure, and then did a quick splashy rendition of Clithero. On the field a few of us joined the maypole dance (highly technical- clockwise for 8, x4, anti-clockwise for 8, x4- even I could do that). We danced again at the end of the day and that proved more successful since it had stopped raining at that point. Lovely to see people dressed up and enjoying themselves despite the elements.


10th June Southwold

We were slightly stick-challenged at this one as Janet forgot some of them (can't complain, I forgot my cummerbund and sash!), but a good if shortish dance-out nonetheless with a smattering of interested holiday-makers watching. Quite tricky to complete a 'big star' in a narrow lane with expensive cars parked along it..

3rd June- The Ship, Dunwich

A still, sunny evening made for an enjoyable dance-out and hopefully good entertainment for 'Springwatch' technicians returning for the evening.

 Thank you Julia for the photos.

30th/31st May Ossett Beercart Festival

Thanks to all the folks who travelled up to Ossett. Good dancing, good atmosphere and good company! Thanks to Christine who was nominated as "side photographer" and captured some great moments.

Saturday morning's parade through the streets to the Town Hall, with the beercart, musical fanfare and all the sides involved was quite a highlight for me personally. However, I particularly enjoyed Sunday's dancing with the 5 or so other sides, in front of the Town Hall. The atmosphere was really jolly-relaxed and informal but sides doing their best to impress each other! Thanks to all of BB who made that happen. As it turned out we were blessed with fine weather albeit rather chilly.

Lots of photos still to upload, watch this space....!

Is this a case of putting the cart before the horse- or in this case the Morris side?

13th May Framlingham

Dancing outside the Crown in the town square. Overcast but quite mild. It was a small audience until a group of Scouts happened by and got enthusiastically involved. 'Grenoside' was smartly moved up the batting order before the Scouts could make their getaway. Not sure if there is a 'Morris Dancing' badge but if there is, they earned it.

6th May Thorpeness

A chilly evening at The Dolphin, with special dispensation to allow coats to be worn. Thank you Malcolm for the photograph- Mike N's hat looks ridiculously impressive in this one, but I suspect all is not as it seems....!

Bank Holiday Monday 4th May

Unusually good weather for a Bank Holiday meant we had some good audiences, particularly at Aldeburgh. We shared with Hoxne Hundred who fielded a large side and danced a variety of styles. BB were slightly man-challenged due to Malcolm's gammy leg (although on the plus-side he did a good job on the collection- it may be financially worthwhile nobbling him again). We started at Snape Maltings with some good precision dancing and a large set for 'Grenoside':

After lunch in the Aldeburgh church hall we wandered down to the Moot Hall for the afternoon session where the sun came out and a huge audience seemed very appreciative of the dancing. Both sides danced Carr Lodge to finish, and managed to get to the end of it with only minimal confusion, happily.

Thank you to Hoxne for your company.

25th April Saxmundham

St Georges Day celebration in Sax- unfortunately a bit on the damp side to start. We danced outside Waitrose in Fromus Square. Two short sessions but good fun, with Jill taking Ade's role and everyone else muddling through but it all worked (apart from the double-time bit in Milnrow, which wasn't in any sort of time really). Phil- on the bass drum for Milnrow- wasn't having a terribly good morning as he also managed to drop an expensive jar of honey five seconds after he had paid for it. Thanks to the organisers for looking after us with tea and cake. I was excited to win a small plastic pencil sharpener on the raffle.

Example of finely honed teamwork. From this.... this, in only 5 minutes!! 

22nd April Sibton White Horse

First proper dance-out of the season and very good it was too. There was a small but doughty audience considering the slight chill and a very good turn-out of both dancers and musicians. A super sunset meant the dances were bathed in a golden glow for much of the session. Humphreys' Hooley was danced for the very first time and went well- it is a lovely dance- thank you, Jill- and John would have approved!

Royton - St Helens

Ade really ought to be concentrating more on the dancing

New Year's Day- Plough & Sail, Snape Maltings

The traditional 'blow-away-even-more-cobwebs' dance at Snape on the first day of 2015, with friends Danegeld. Weather- dry but overcast and a bit chilly still. A very good audience made for a jolly atmosphere, and a great turn-out of Briggers allowed us to do a couple of dances for 16, including the Hindley 'double-circle' dance. Some good dancing from both sides, complete with an interesting variation on the Barley Brigg dance-on at the start, and ending with everyone dancing Carr Lodge (but not necessarily the same version of Carr Lodge). Probably the longest set for the street dance Grenoside since we have been doing it- the back two rows had time in the last figure to make up a whole new dance while waiting for the snake to weave down from the front.

Danegeld at Snape Some of the Band Malcolm's hat- spot the birdies!

Roll on St George's Day!

Boxing Day- Aldeburgh

The traditional 'blow-away-the-cobwebs' dance on the front at Aldeburgh. Quite a few people around, partly because of the Boxing day swim a little earlier in the day, but they weren't staying long to watch as it was somewhat chilly (warmer in the water as Phil pointed out), although dry. A good turn-out meant we could do two dances for twelve, and included the street dance Grenoside (funny how the audience tends to evaporate when it's their turn...!!). Some festive hats around- Paul had a light-up Christmas tree in his and Malcolm had some nesting robins- I don't think they were real.

Next dance-out is on New Year's day, outside the Plough and Sail at Snape Maltings at 12.30.

Dance on (or Blackthorpe!)

Blackthorpe (or Dance On!)

December 2014

The practise season is well under way and the new dances are progressing well. We attended the Yoxford Hall Winter Fair on the 13th December with just one dance, Hindley Circle for 8 inside the hall- a bit of challenge space-wise (big star came close to taking out a couple of sausage stalls), but it was well received. The musicians ended up on the stage- the nearest Ade is going to get to performing in a panto this Christmas! 

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