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...or some of the things we have been up to recently (2015-16 Season)

Bear & Bells, Beccles
Weds 27th July

Apologies, I've been a bit behind with this blog recently, but this was a good session to come back to it. With the wide path and town centre position this is a good pub to dance at and we had a small but really appreciative audience who turned out to be from St Helens, Merseyside- which meant we had to dance St Helens of course. We rounded off with possibly the largest ever set for Grenoside, with much hilarity all round, which all made for a really memorable evening. Thank you to everyone in the audience, hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

The Low House, Laxfield
Weds 13th July

An enjoyable and relaxed evening with Hoxne Hundred and Rumburgh Morris- the audience definately got their money's worth with three sides present, the dancing was almost continuous. I think we managed to get through the majority of our repertoire all told.

Layer Marney Tower Village Fete
Monday 30th May

A lovely afternoon at a beautiful venue- the weather wasn't great but the welcome was, and the dancing seemed much appreciated. We danced two sets, good dancing all round. Thanks to those in the audience who were brave enough to have a go at Grenoside. In this case I think we could have tried it with some of the very well groomed dogs that were attending (with owners)- missed a trick there, would have made the dance much more lively..... Between sets we were able to look around the tower and grounds and enjoy the fun generally, all very interesting and jolly. Thank you to the organisers for inviting us, and to Geoff Russell Grant for the super photos (below).

Workshop at Ringsfield Hall
Friday 20th May

Wednesday 18th May
Darsham Fox

What a cracking pub the Darsham Fox is- always very welcoming, and a superb spread of sandwiches laid on- thank you! It was a good evening of dance- weather wasn't great but we had a reasonable audience who seemed quite appreciative, and very generous in donating to the coffers, all of which helps us to continue to do what we do...

Wednesday 11th May
Huntingfield Arms

A pleasant evening dancing in front of the new Village Hall in Huntingfield, dancing with- for the first time- Point Devis. My dancing in particular was somewhat inaccurate after a heavy day at work, so I just had to sit down on the green and watch with a very splendid pint from the jug kindly provided by the Landlord. Ah well. Thanks to Point Devis for your company, and to the pub for being a good host as ever.

Action shot of 'Spitfire'

May Day Weekend
Saturday 31st April- Sweep's Festival, Rochester
Monday 2nd May- Snape and Aldeburgh (with Hoxon Hundred )

A very successful weekend of dancing, away at Rochester, and home at Snape Maltings and Aldeburgh.

An attempt to do a joint rendition of 'Milne Row' with Hoxon at Aldeburgh was largely successful, with only slight confusion at the start of the dance when we discovered that they go forward-back-forward-back in the step-up, whereas we go forward-forward-back-back. And we were behind them. (It's moments like this that make it all worthwhile....).

'Two-Cakes' Phil

'No-Cakes' Ade


St George's Day (and Shakespeare's 400th anniversary, and just after the Queen's 90th birthday....),
Saturday 23rd April

First dance of the Summer season, and it was a jolly affair- a good location, at the Castle Inn, Framlingham, and all the dancing seemed remarkably polished for the first time out (at least, from what I could see from the front half of the set mostly). Everyone looked resplendant in newly refurbed kit (well ok mainly just my super-sized new breeches). There were not a huge number of people around, the weather being a bit variable and decidedly chilly when the sun wasn't out, but those that were there seemed to enjoy it, and there were some generous contributions to the collection for which we are always very grateful. Money from the collection goes to keeping the kit updated and a proportion goes to charity.

26th December 2015 and New Year's Day 2016

Our usual two festive-season dance-outs, both very successful. We enjoyed balmy (barmy?) weather for the time of year at Aldeburgh which meant the audience could stay and watch for a little longer without getting frozen. At The Plough & Sail, Snape on New Year's Day we were joined as usual by Danegeld and also Pretty Grim. Good dancing throughout (including a remarkably incident-free joint Carr Lodge rendition).

Aldeburgh, Boxing Day. The Christmas tree has had too much to drink.

Pretty Grim doing their thing at Snape

10th October 2015- Brewery Tap, Ipswich

A jolly afternoon at The Brewery Tap 'Junkaloo'. Lots of people there, some good stalls and events, and some cracking dancing in tandem with Danegeld, rounding off with a joint Carr Lodge Polka of exceptional quality (i.e. we got to the end of it at the same time as they did). Very enjoyable, and we were provided with some handsome cheeseburgers and a pint by the management- much appreciated! A super way to start the new season. Thank you Janet for organising.

'Two-Burgers' Phil


...Bob is enjoying himself

Menacing Morris Men


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